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CRIQ is a unique centre of integrated expertise dedicated to creating, locating, and putting in place innovations designed to help Québec-based businesses grow and compete. By engaging their resources and partners, CRIQ innovators come up with practical solutions to any problem, no matter how complex.

Helping our clients  fleches

  • Boosting sustainable development in Northern Québec

    Working together as outstanding partners in innovation, COREM and the CRIQ have developed a sensor that takesin the form of a tooled bolt equipped with a charging cell.

  • Thinking up new contracts

    In order to diversify its clientele and product line, Atelier d’usinage Quenneville, a machine shop in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, tasked CRIQ with carrying out a study to unearth new business opportunities.

  • Composting our way to greener lawns

    For over a decade, CRIQ has worked with Gazon Savard Saguenay, helping them develop new practices and expand their market share.

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  • Renée Demers
  • Marcelle Tremblay

News and Events

CRIQ innovation to help mexican tequila producers

CRIQ has signed an agreement with the Mexican state of Jalisco’s Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Technology and the Mexican Institute of Water Technology (IMTA) to implement biofiltration wastewater treatment technology in two locations: a pig farm and a producer of Mexico’s world famous Tequila.

BIOTROPTM was developed jointly by CRIQ and IMTA and can be adapted to a wide variety of applications and settings—it is already in use in a Mexican hospital and secondary school. Adopting this promising technology in the agri-food sector is a Jalisco government priority as it will enable businesses to boost productivity while preserving the environment and lowering GHG emissions.

“We are very pleased that the state of Jalisco is joining the partnership we have maintained with the Mexican Institute of Water Technology since 2005,” noted CRIQ President and CEO Denis Hardy. “CRIQ is extremely proud to see Quebec-designed technology contributing to economic growth in a region of Mexico known as an innovation leader.”

Working at the CRIQ

  • Centrifugeur
  • Comite Action-Santé
  • Metalix
  • Lancement des travaux de Vigipro
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  • Stéphane Breton