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CRIQ is a unique centre of integrated expertise dedicated to creating, locating, and putting in place innovations designed to help Québec-based businesses grow and compete. By engaging their resources and partners, CRIQ innovators come up with practical solutions to any problem, no matter how complex.

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Technology partnership prize awarded to CRIQ and Resolute Forest Products at the 24th Annual ADRIQ Prix Innovation Gala

Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ) and Resolute Forest Products were jointly awarded the ADRIQ Prix Partenariat technologique for their conversion of the Resolute plant in La Doré, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean into a sawmill of the future. They received this distinction at the Association pour le développement de la recherche et de l'innovation du Québec (ADRIQ) gala last night in Montréal.

The initiative, which began in 2004, has generated eleven invention patents over the past decade, improved existing facilities, and developed new technologies. Three systems developed by CRIQ as part of the sawmill automation project generated a return on investment within the first year and continue to boost plant productivity:

• Debarking control and optimization system
• Trim analysis system
• A system that classifies wood by measuring its mechanical properties

“These innovations add to CRIQ’s impressive list of accomplishments that have proven their worth in manufacturing plants. These results should encourage other sawmills to opt for innovative solutions to boost their competitiveness,” remarked Yves Dessureault, CRIQ director of industrial development and open innovation.

“With this major renovation at La Doré we can easily adapt our plant to improve productivity and product quality. It shows we have evolved into a true global leader in the lumber production industry,” added Karl Blackburn, senior director of public affairs and government relations at Resolute Forest Products.

CRIQ-ADRIQ partnership: A new innovation prize for the manufacturing sector

CRIQ and Association pour le développement de la recherche et de l’innovation du Québec (ADRIQ) awarded its first Prix Manufacturier to the Ecorad company at the 24th annual Prix Innovation gala held last night in Montréal.

This new award is given to a manufacturing company that has designed and put into operation a manufacturing innovation giving it a distinct competitive advantage in its industry and market segment.

“I am pleased that CRIQ has joined with ADRIQ in recognizing the merits of the manufacturing sector. This sector accounts for 52% of all private expenditures on innovation and 88% of all Québec exports,” remarked Denis Hardy, CRIQ president and chief executive officer.

For ADRIQ president Jean-Louis Legault, “the creation of this award signals the importance we must attach to Québec’s competitiveness in the manufacturing sector. A healthy manufacturing sector goes hand and hand with a thriving economy.”

Ecorad is the first Prix Manufacturier recipient
Ecorad recycles traditional old cast-iron radiators—true works of art—using a water jet cleaning process and equips them to work electrically.

“Ecorad’s innovative ideas help save the planet,” proudly noted Ecorad president Pierre Lemieux. “By refitting radiators originally built for oil systems, we’ve developed a highly efficient way to produce heat using 25% less energy.”

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