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Achieving excellence through strategic intelligence

Working team

Client: IPL

IPL is a leading North American manufacturer of injection-moulded plastic products. The company offers an innovative line of products and solutions for industries throughout North America. It employs more than 900 people and manufactures over 400 different products, counting on creativity and expertise from its teams when investing in research and development.

CRIQ performs various strategic intelligence activities for IPL on an ongoing basis and reports its research results directly to IPL development teams in a monthly e-newsletter.

CRIQ’s proven methodology is a key element in IPL’s ability to quickly access up-to-date information about its business sector and bolster its stellar reputation as a firm that listens to its clients.


- The strategic intelligence work performed by CRIQ is essential
to our product development process,
which is a linchpin of the IPL mission.

Rodrick Lévesque
Chemical Engineer