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Composting our way to greener lawns


Client: Gazon Savard Saguenay

As part of its continued efforts to help Québec businesses show more innovation, CRIQ met with Gazon Savard Saguenay in 2004 to launch a treatment project for the leachates generated by the company’s composting activities.

After a BIOSORTM wastewater biofiltration system adapted to leachates was developed and implemented, several composting projects followed. CRIQ has provided the business with technical assistance for nearly a decade, helping Gazon Savard Saguenay produce high-quality compost while reducing risk every step of the way. Better composting formulations and the addition of a septic sludge pre-treatment unit has increased the market share for a company that has been renowned for its sod production for more than half a century.


- "The CRIQ has been one of Gazon Savard’s
leading partners for nearly a decade."

Marcelle Tremblay
Head of Research & Development
Gazon Savard Saguenay