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Denis Hotte, Eng.

Denis Hotte

Complex automation expert

Denis Hotte holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from École de technologie supérieure. Before joining CRIQ, he was the head of research and development at Pyromaître Inc.

Projects include the automation of industrial tasks and the design of new equipment and tools. He has extensive expertise in robotics, machine safety, industrial mechanics, inventive design, production optimization, equipment selection, and laboratory and pilot tests. Denis Hotte has played a part in many achievements at CRIQ, including the development of safety equipment for inflating large tires, developing friction stir welding heads, subway track tests, developing a new assembly technology for aluminum, and developing food-bagging equipment.


Denis Hotte, Marc-André Boucher, Marc Daigle, Paul Grenier, Frederic Lamontagne, Denis Lépine, Yann Le Bihan et Marc Lévesque, V-shaped light distributor and cleaning system thereof (283208-30 USPR) Soumis mai 2013.