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Extreme tests for an extreme camera

pearl-studios L

Client: Pearl Studios Inc.

Investissement Québec - CRIQ provides the broadest range of product compliance testing services available in Québec to assist companies seeking to open new export markets. In 2014 Pearl Studios, a firm that designs products and advises international manufacturers, turned to CRIQ to develop a panoramic camera for outdoors and extreme-sports enthusiasts.

Unlike conventional cameras, these small portable cameras must stand up to a lot. Shocks, falls, and water immersion are just a few examples of the rough treatment they will undergo in their lifetime!

The 360 FLY camera, which captures 360 degrees of video in horizontal mode and 240 degrees in vertical mode, has undergone a battery of tests that gauge its resistance to g-forces and ensure its water resistance.

With an initial series of tests, Pearl Studios was able to improve its product. Then tests conducted in December 2014 confirmed that the 360 FLY could pass the high-pressure spray test and the 20+ g acceleration test. The latter generated four times the maximal cornering acceleration of a Formula 1 car!

The camera has been available in stores and online since August 2015.