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CRIQ Now Amalgamated with Investissement Québec

April 01, 2020
Location :

Contact :
Annie Morin, Communication Officer, 418 659-1550 / 1 800 667-2386 ext. 2520, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The situation surrounding COVID-19 has hit our economy hard and put pressure on Québec businesses in all sectors. In these exceptional circumstances, rest assured that we are standing by you and that the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ) will continue to support entrepreneurs and business leaders in the face of the challenges posed by this unprecedented crisis. CRIQ's operations are being maintained and our employees continue to work remotely.

Despite the current context, CRIQ's operations were successfully amalgamated with those of Investissement Québec on April 1, as was announced a few weeks ago, and as prescribed by the new legislation respecting Investissement Québec.

CRIQ therefore now pursues its mission as an administrative unit within Investissement Québec, enabling IQ to expand the services it offers to Québec businesses.


Broader Mandate for Investissement Québec

With the enactment of the Act respecting mainly government organization as regards the economy and innovation, tabled on December 6, Investissement Québec has become the government's main lever of economic development.

The aim is to make IQ the go-to partner for Québec entrepreneurs and businesses by offering them personalized support at every stage of their project: from start-up to export, through industrial innovation and technological transformation, in all regions of Québec.

Moreover, Investissement Québec will be better equipped to accompany international companies in their investment projects and will receive additional resources to help keep head offices in Québec and support key sectors of the Québec economy.


No major change for you

For you, clients and partners, these changes will go almost unseen. You will notice that our communications with you will be under the name Investissement Québec, using the colours of our new Investissement Québec - CRIQ logo. CRIQ's facilities, services, laboratory accessibility and team will remain unchanged.

Please note also that:

- Your point of contact at CRIQ will remain the same;
- All CRIQ operations and ongoing projects will continue under the CRIQ administrative unit amalgamated into Investissement Québec;
- Upon CRIQ’s merger with Investissement Québec, all CRIQ’s rights and obligations will become those of Investissement Québec that commits to abiding by them;
- CRIQ’s contact information and bank account numbers will remain the same.


If you have any questions, please communicate with your regular contact person or reach out to our Client Service Department (418 659-1550 or 1 800 667-2386, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to be redirected to one of our industrial advisors.


Lyne Dubois

Vice-President, CRIQ

Investissement Québec