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Technology transfers and licencing

You can market one of Investissement Québec - CRIQ’s innovations once it is ready for commercial release. Any Québec company interested in obtaining a marketing license must demonstrate an ability to receive, master, and release the technology in a targeted area. The company must also submit a business plan.

The following innovations are available for marketing licenses:

Recycled paper analyzer

This device uses computer vision technology to identify contaminants such as plastic bags and brown cardboard within recyclables.

Camera calibration device

This innovation calibrates a digital camera used for laser profilometry by referring to the laser’s scanning plane.


The Investissement Québec - CRIQ FibroMeter uses computer vision technology to take continuous measurements and quantify particles such as the fibres extracted by suction on a scroll bar. This FibroMeter can quantify the level and origin of lint on a sheet of paper.

Modal analysis using acoustic excitation

This method helps estimate the dynamic parameters of vibration that characterize the behaviour of structures or components in certain situations and can be used during ESS tests (environmental stress screening).

Vibration spectrum design method

This method is used to define the levels of vibration that can detect latent flaws in products. It can be used during ESS tests on electronic products.

Particle size sensor

This device uses 3D laser profiling technology to obtain information on the size distribution of particles, fragments, or flakes found randomly in bulk such as ore particles or wood chips used to produce paper pulp.

Supports for printed circuit boards

This device is used to support printed circuit boards (PCBs) to be tested by vibration, limiting the level of flexion exercised during test preparation procedures.

The ESSAD acoustic vibrator

The ESSAD acoustic vibrator (Environmental Stress Screening Acoustic Device) can detect latent flaws in products using acoustic vibrations and thermal cycles. It can be used for quality checks during product conception, on assembly lines, or for malfunction analysis on products returned to manufacturers.