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Repurpose your industrial waste materials

Make the most of the new trend for bioproducts and bioprocesses and give new life to all your by-products and industrial waste. Repurposing animal-based, plant-based, or waste-based biomasses or materials can add value to your production chain. See what these customized solutions for your industrial waste can do for you.

Active ingredient extraction

From agri-food waste and marine and plant-based biomasses, repurpose your products using the active ingredient extraction process. Avoid losses and increase production profitability by reducing biomass disposal costs.

Bioenergy sources and biofuels

Realize the potential of biomass to produce green energy through the natural process of biomethanation by replacing expensive or scarce raw materials when producing energy at your plant. You’ll eliminate major sources of pollution and realize substantial savings. Plus, the biomethane can then be used to produce heat, biofuel, or electricity.


Rethink how you use raw materials with Investissement Québec - CRIQ to create value-added products and significantly reduce the amount of industrial waste and by-products that end up in landfills. Now there’s an initiative that’s good for both the environment and your business.