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Learn more about standards and regulatory requirements

Whether you’re an experienced exporter or taking your first steps in foreign markets, Investissement Québec - CRIQ offers an extensive range of services to help you comply with the standards and certifications required to market your product abroad.

Export standards overview

In order to have your product accepted for export as quickly as possible, Investissement Québec - CRIQ has developed a must-have tool: the export standards overview. It sets out, clearly and simply, the requirements, costs, and timeframes your product will have to comply with to be sold outside Québec.

Investissement Québec - CRIQ will come up with a customized export standards overview for you. The made-to-measure action plan for your product and new target markets will provide you with:

  • Technical requirements that must be met (laws, regulations, standards, and specifications)
  • Information on who to contact for authorizations and certifications
  • A cost estimate and timelines for certification tests

The export standards overview is eligible for financial assistance from Québec’s Ministère de l'Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC).

Investissement Québec - CRIQ offers this service for mechanical, electrical and electronic equipements and for chemical and biological produits.

Consulting services on international standards

As with customs, transportation, and insurance, compliance with international standards has become an important part of any export project. Our experts can:

  • Pinpoint applicable acts, standards, and regulations.
  • Walk you through certification.
  • Analyze risks.
  • Monitor standards.
  • Hold training sessions:
    - CE marking
    - Risk analysis
    - The technical side of manufacturing
    - Foreign standards and certifications

EU Product passport

The EU Product passport is an export guide designed for the European market that helps you understand the key points of CE marking.

It’s easy to use and outlines European directives, noting fields of application and key compliance steps.

Depending on the product you want to export, one or several sections may apply. Consult the relevant sections before beginning your export standards overview.

Click here to download the latest version of the product passport (only available in French).