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Design customized equipment

Make the most of access to CRIQ engineers and their networks by entrusting them with your problem, no matter how complex or specific it may be. They’ll help you come up with an optimal solution for a customized equipment design, taking into account the specifics of your sector.

Automated chicken-tying machine
Automated chicken-tying machine

Optimize productivity by cutting down on the number of repetitive tasks your employees have to perform and help counter labour shortages for monotonous tasks. CRIQ’s automated technology can tie one chicken every three seconds, all while meeting your clients’ high quality standards.


Automated food bagging
Ensacheuse automatique de denrées alimentaires

CRIQ has come up with an automated food-bagging system. It slashes bagging times, while looking like traditional packing. Use this equipment to quickly bag food, meet delivery times, and give your packaging an artisanal look!