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Keep your employees safe and healthy

Winner of ADRIQ’s Innovation award 2013 in the occupational health and safety category, Investissement Québec - CRIQ will help you in finding innovative ways to ensure the safety of your employees. In recent years, CRIQ has proven its experience and reliability in developing solutions and methods easy to use and, more importantly, quick to implement.

Protective enclosure for inflating large tires

Investissement Québec - CRIQ has designed and manufactured a piece of equipment to prevent accidents when inflating large tires. The main structure uses energy-absorbing materials to stand up to impact and keep its shape, all while muffling the deafening noise made by a tire coming off its rim. As well as being designed to save lives, the device takes its users’ isolated surroundings into account. In case of an accident, only a handful of parts need to be replaced.

Safety system for truck loading

Safety system for truck loading Safety system for truck loading Safety system for truck loadingInvestissement Québec - CRIQ has designed and produced a fall prevention system for trailers. As well as keeping workers safe, the system complies with CSA standards. It’s a practical, innovative way to keep employees safe while unloadings.