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Tire inflation protection system

protective enclosure

Client: Raglan Mine

Raglan Mine tasked CRIQ with designing and manufacturing a reliable piece of equipment to protect staff from tires flying off the rim at its Ungava Bay facilities. Although a number of protective devices had been tried in the past, none had proven to be entirely safe or reusable.

Designed with energy-absorbing materials, the main structure of CRIQ’s protection system not only keeps workers safe from exploding tires but keep its shape while muffling the deafening noise. If an accident happens, the number of parts needing to be replaced is minimal and the system is up and running again within hours.

This project earned CRIQ the ADRIQ Innovation Award 2013 in the occupational health and safety category.

“CRIQ knew precisely what we needed and understood what
keeping our employees safe in an isolated mining environment involves.”

Claude Thivierge
General Foreman, Maintenance
Raglan Mine